Akshaya Tritiya, Odisha

Akshaya Tritiya is a very popular festival that the Hindus and Jains celebrate every year. It falls on 3rd tithi of the bright half of the indian month of vaisakha. It is considered That..it is the day of the birth of the Lord Parasurama.

This day is celebrated by fasting and worshipping Lord Vishnu  offering Grains and People seek blessings from the lord Bishnu by distributing fresh fruits and sweets.

According to Mahabharata on this day Lord Sun gifted the Akshaya Patra to the Pandavs. It is believe God Ganesha, started writing the epic work called “Mahabharata”.

This is Very auspicious day as starting a company or website, starting a new relationship or anything that you want to be with you for ever can be initiated on this day. This day is also popular for marriages where hundreds of couples get married at this same Muhurat.