Beache Holidays In Odisha

Odisha is a best combination of sun, sea, sand for the beach-lovers. The untouched beauty of the beaches makes the journey memorable. Odisha beaches are the best destination for a relaxing vacation.

Silver Beach

Puri beach is a Hindu sacred place and is one of the most popular attractions in the region where Visitors can take a stroll, browse pearls and seashell souvenirs sold by local vendors. The best time to visit Puri beach is at sunrise or sunset, when spectacular views of the colourful night sky spill over the ocean.

In every November Puri beach sees event where locals and tourists tourists alike flood to the picturesque scene for lively celebrations and amazing displays of talent at that time do not forget to take camera for captured these views.

Balighai Beach is in Embracing mood!

Balighai beach is just 8km away from Puri and it is situated near Nuanai river and features a calming stream of water, which flows gently into the Bay of Bengal. It delivers a beautifully refreshing experience to all who visit it. Nature lovers definitely enjoy it as will get boating amongst the white sands and green casuarina trees , you can also see migratory birds taking flight in the air above.

Beleswar Beach

Beleswar beach is just sat at the mouth of the Nuanai river and just under 4km off the popular Puri Konark Marine Drive Road. Visitors can be found to see Most popular Shiva Temple there, where Mahashivaratri festival is less crowded than some of the other ocean side destinations Puri has to offer. The romantic scenes of Beleswar beach has proved a favourite amongst newlywed couples.

Golden Beach

Golden beach is abundant with the rich, glowing tones of the picture perfect sand. Swimmers should be aware that waves can be choppy and high during full moon, also known as purnima. However, there are plenty of ‘nuliahs’, or local seamen, who are happy to help beach visitors swim safely.

Most visitors won’t miss this beach, as the untouched views and magnificent sunrise and sunsets are enough to keep you captivated.

Swargadwar Beach, ladder to Heaven!

Swargawar beach is known as ‘Door to Heaven’ where that Sri Chaitanya Dev was merged into Lord Brahma and ascended to heaven from the sandy setting according legend. The word Swargdwar is a combination of two words, Swarg and Dwar, translating to ‘the door to heaven’.

Many can be seen praying and bathing at a place known as ‘Mahanadi’, as they believe a holy dip.Swargwad makes it just as attractive to tourists along with the warm atmosphere offered by the locales But the beauty of Swargadwar is not exclusive to the religious.