Durga Puja In This Winter Holidays!!

Durga Puja is the most important festival of Orissa . It is celebrated in this month of October 15 to Oct 19. The goddess sitting on a lion is shown killing the ‘Buffalo Demon’- Mahishasura accompanied by her two sons named God Kartik and Ganesh And Her two Daughters named Sarswati And Laxmi.

Three days of Mantras and Shlokas and Arati and offerings – needs an expert priest to do this kind of Puja.Durga Puja is a special time for women who look forward to this auspicious occasion to buy clothes for themselves and their family. Every Women Waits For This holidays.

The married daughter return to her parents house from her husband’s house for a period of four days during this Puja Holidays. Durga Puja is actually, the celebration of ‘life’ and the joy of ‘living’ more than anything else. Kolkata get most famous And popular Taking this Holidays.

In Kolkatta, the real celebration starts months in advance. Preparations involve shopping for new clothes and gifts for families and friends. Hinduism is illustrated with Gods and Goddess and their existence have cast a spell in our hazardous lifestyle from ages.

Offering Pushpanjali: On this day peoples get dressed and gathered to offer prayers to goddess thenthey will feast upon ‘Bhog’ after Pushpanjali. After that The Sindor Khela also Women Play, Whole City get amusing and spend times with their family members being leaving.

Painful Goodbye-( Visarjan): After All Devi durga And Her two Sons With two Daughters goes to their Place being immersed into the Holy Ganges. People get fun while dancing and singing along with the procession of Visarjan.