Makar Sankranti, Odisha

Makar Sankranti(Makar Mela ) is a very popular and important traditional festival in Odisha. Makar Sankranti is celebrated as per the Hindu calendar in the month of Magha. Lord Sun God is worshipped by all In this festival.

The festival can be best enjoyed at Kalijai (Satapada Chilika), Keonjhar and Jagatsinghpur. Not only in Odisha, Makar Sankranti festival, is celebrated all over South Asia, in different ways and different names keeping.

The festival Observed after harvesting of paddy And offers to the gods and goddesses preparing makara chaula (uncooked newly harvested rice). And Distributes sweets to each others with great interest.

The explorers always witness a huge crowd at Konark Temple also as the celebrations here are major. In Jagannath temple at puri this festival is observed as Uttarayana Yatra.