Nandankanan Tiger Safari In Bhubaneswar- Odisha

Nandankanan Paradise is situated in a corner away from the city and is perfect place to date your love. Lots of big gardens and provide ample space for you to get a corner and get submerged in eyes of our love.

If you want to see Tigers in captivity but happy come to this zoo. They are having lot of tiger cubs and they are really awesome .But Botanical Garden remains closed on every Monday

Nandankanan Zoo is situated 20km off Bhuvneshwar in Orissa. As part of Chandaka Forests here. Nandankanan is a home to various flourishing varieties of flora.

The Nandankanan Zoological Park is better known as Nandankanan National Park where arrays of enthralling facility like boating, white tiger, lion safaris, battery car, Natural Forest which is a animal house established only for the wildlife lovers to get a penchant for wildlife.

It’s a wonderful place to visit surrounded by a lake. Lots of animals with beautiful birds and tiger and lion safari. It is set amidst picturesque rolling scenes of the surrounding landscape and is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.