Puri to Konark

The Sun Temple Konark has been built in the form of a chariot of the Sun God, with stone wheels, pillars and walls. Konark Sun Temple is popularly known As “Black Pagoda”.Located at a manageable distance from the seat of Lord Jagannath, Puri at 35 kms; the temple is around 65 kms from the capital city of Bhubaneswar.

This Temple is Dedicated to lord Surya. This temple’s wheels are sundials which is using to calculate time at every moment and most amusing is first sun rise from sun temple That Attracts tourists.

But the major part of sun temple structure has been ruined still its beauty has not Ruined for nature lovers. That’s very Nice to Visit at Early Morning Time.

While visiting sun temple konark in odisha, must visit chandravaga sea beach and ramchandi temple near by.

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