Raja Mahotsav

Raja is a unique occasion of Orissa. It is celebrated for 4 days continuously, as Pahiliraja, Raja Sankranti, Bhuin daana, In this Third Day Farmer Does Not Do work in His Field And Until the fourth day, which is called Vasumati Snana.

Young girls wear new clothes and put Alaktaka in their feet on the Festival. On this Festival Young girls Do Not Do Anything At home As They know As “Rajabati”.In every House And everyone enjoy It Very Much Taking The Poda-Peetha or the baked cake is unique food For All.

In Mythological Mother Earth menstruates for those three days and she is given a ceremonial bath on the fourth day.

Slowly, this festival loosing Its Importance in Young Generation And In young Minds. But we should reserve Our Culture to Our Coming generation as it is Our Indian Culture. So We should Celebrate This Festival.