Dev Snan Purnima

Snana Yatra

A very special and sacred festival of Lord Jagannath held in the full-moon day of the month of Jyestha. This festival is known as ‘Devasnan Purnima’ or ‘Snana Yatra’ (Bathing Festival).

This is the Birth day of Lord jagannth so it is known as ‘Devasnan Purnima’ or ‘Snana Yatra’ (Bathing Festival). This Snan Yatra is celebrated in the full moon day of the month of the year as per the hindu Calender ,it is the Lord Jagannath’s First Occasion.

On this Occasion thousands of devotees gathered at temple for enjoying this Festival. It was first started and arranged by king Indradyuman when the idols of the deities were first installed.

Jagannath’s Bathing Platform is located to the north-east of the ananda bazaar. On this day 108 water filled pots carried by priests who are closed to lord jagannath . all the devotees waiting for getting a touch and going to close to lord jagannath to get their blessing.

In this evening after finishing bathing rituals of lord jagannath, dressed up in elephant headgear representing the God Ganesh. This form of the God is called the ‘Gajavesha’.

Then after Three chitra paintings are displayed for devotees to view instead of it as deities will be in Anasar house.