Titli Cyclone update Puri, Odisha

The Titli cyclone triggered heavy rainfall in Gopalpur, Ganjam, Puri And Gajapati. It is Moving with high speed to Gopalpur will reach at 11. Am.  ‘Titli’, which means butterfly in Hindi, has been categorized as a “very severe cyclonic storm”.

Power supply and telephone links got disrupted due to uprooted trees at many places of Gajapati district, Odisha but the blessing of lord Jagannath, there is No impact in Puri District.

It has started with heavy rail falling and high speedy wind in puri on 10.10.18 but today (11.10.18) weather is normal but sea sides are banned for fishers to go Inside.

Cyclone Titli will make landfall between Gopalpur in Odisha and Kalingapatanam in Andhra Pradesh. So All schools, colleges are closed for two days (10/11. 10.18) in four districts of Odisha.

Now titli is over, no have left any bad impact in Odisha.  So visitors are welcome.