Use travelhelp coupon system and earn cash

Use travelhelp coupon system and earn cash points


What is travelhelp coupon system?
Like other coupon system, travelhelp coupon system works same way to customers. They will use this coupn code in our website while booking and get discount in booking total. But in travelhelp coupon system we have tie up with different small business people who can also get benefit of using this system. They have to help us to reach that coupon code to our customers (traveller) and get cash points when our customer use it in our website.


Who will get benefit of it?
Travelhelp provides coupons for both offline and online medium. That means people having website, blog, facebook page or other online medium to promote our coupon codes can get bennifit as well as people doing small business like tea shop, fast food center, juice center and other small business can also promote our coupon code and earn cash points.


How it works
To promote travelhelp coupons, you have to apply to be a promoter. A promoter will get a login details in our system where he can track his coupons. He can see their coupon details and also check how many coupons are used day by day.

1) First a person has to register as promoter
2) Then he will get a promo code with his login details.
3) Promoter will promote assigned coupon code to traveller or customers.
4) Traveller will come to travelhelp website and get quotes for CAR/CAB/TAXI booking online After getting quotes from different vendors while booking he will used that code in travelhelp and get discount in booking total.
5) Promoter will be notified once traveller used a coupon code
6) According to used coupon code promoter will awarded cash points.


How can I register as a promoter?
To register as promoter, it is very simple. Just come to our website and register as user in frontend section. After registration email your contact details to or whatsapp @9975691579 or call 9970678385.
For offline promoter they give a call or whatsapp their contact details, so that our customer support executive can help them to register as promoter.

As our website is mobile version optimised, any promoter having small digital mobile can check their promo code used online. Our customer support executive will help them to use it. If any promoter does not use mobile internet then he can get details of his coupon code tracking by calling to customer support executive.

How can I use cash points?
Cash points are like cash in your account. Suppose you will get reward 50 cash points that means this is Rs50.00 rupees in your account. A promoter can use this cash points in his travel booking or can encash it. So that we can send money to his assigned bank account.

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