Holi Festival In Puri | Holi Festival Date 2020

Holi Festival In Puri and Holi Festival Date 2020. Holi Festival in Puri celebrated for Jagannath Temple. Celebrate This year Holi Festival in Puri. Holi Festival Falls on Monday 10th March 2020.  Holi is called the Festival of Colors, observed in Puri.

There are numerous legends & stories associated with Holi Festival in Puri. But According Bediv On this Holi Festival, demoness Holika,  sister of Hiranyakashipu was brunt into fire. So from that day Holi Festival is celebrated In Puri, odisha. But in Andhra Pradesh called Holi festival is known as “kama Dahanam”.

Holi Festival in Puri is also known as Dhulendi, is celebrated by people throwing colored powder and colored water at each other and women splash men with Colour.

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Happy Holi !!