Jagannath Temple

Puri is a sacred holy place for lord Jagannath temple for it’s Chariot Festival or Ratha Yatra. It is one of the four dham. This Temple  is dedicated to lord Bishnu. You can see marvellous sunrises and sunsets over the Bay of Bengal from the popular Puri Beach. Odisha Holiday Packages Means Puri Jagannath Temple And Sun temple Konark.

There are so many festivals of Sri Jagannath during the year observed in Puri. Which are Snana Yatra, Netrotsava, Ratha Yatra (car festival), Sayan Ekadasi, Chitalagi Amabasya, Srikrushna Janma, Dussehra etc.

The temple is home to three deities — Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Balabhadra, and sister Subhadra — whose substantially sized wooden idols sit on a throne. At ratha Yatra Time Visitors visit puri Only for Visiting Lord jagannath temple In his Mausimaa Mandir with chariot.