Nuakahi Bhetghat

Nuakhai Bhetghat is the harvest festival of people of Western Odisha which has been celebrated since 17 yrs ago in Bangalore, which marks eating newly harvested rice. Not just Western Odisha even like Kalahandi, Sambalpur, Bargarh, Balangir, Sundargarh, the festival is also celebrated across all over india.

Nuakhai Bhetghat or Parba falls in the months of August and September, just a day after Ganesh Chaturthi. The festival is often compared to Tamil Nadu’s Onam is a harvest and mass Festival.

On this day, people offer ‘Nabanna‘  out of newly harvested paddy crop to their main deity and seek the blessings of the deity. After eating ‘Navanna’  everyone seeks blessing from elders in the family which is called ‘Nuakhai Juhar’ is a part of the Nuakhai Festival.

Nuakhai is said to be associated with nine primary colours which in turn to nine different rituals Being assigned.

This is a folk festival so Whole day Peoples enjoy event having dance, music, food, arts & hand-crafts.

Every Family members meet to each other with sweets and Fruits. Specially Various delicacies are prepared from the new rice and serves with relatives and friends in a great look.


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